Almost 40 per cent of the metal in this world is recycled because we do not have enough metal to use it for centuries without even recycling it, moreover, it is also very easy to recycle metal because of the magnets. Here is the procedure of how metal gets recycled:

Collecting metal:
There are many industries that are working with metal and they keep aside the metal which is of no use, this type of metal is called scrap metal. Not only industries but there are many sources from where we can get scrap metal prices Perth to recycle it and make something useful of it. There are companies who collect metal as well. The collection of metal is done to collect all the metal so that the metal can be acquired in a great amount so that the recycle can be easier.

Organizing the metal:
This is the second step for recycling the metal, all the metal which is collected is brought to one place and the sorting of that metal starts. After that, magnets and sensors are used to separate different types of materials from the metal. After the separation, the material weight and its colour describe what material is it, such as yellow colour will be for brass and silver colour but the lightweight will be for aluminium. After this, the material is separated from the dirty material.

Melting the metal:
The third step requires much knowledge because it may harm the people as well. In this step, the material which is separated is brought to a shredder, the shredder shreds the material into tiny pieces so that the melting process does not take much longer, after the shredding the material is moved in a vessel so that the melting process can be started. Shredded material does not take much longer to melt and they also consume less energy.

Purifying the metal:
In this step, the melted material is checked whether the material is pure or not, and in most of the cases the material is not pure, this is why the purification is done through electrolysis to make the material free from any dirty material or any sort of mixture with unwanted elements.

Shaping the metal:
The final step of the recycle gets to be the shaping of the metal, in this step, the metal is shaped in bars so that the industries may use it easily. Aluminum is mostly shaped into sheets.

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