Web developer is the person who is responsible of handling the functionality of the website. He manages how the website will work. The web developer aim is to produce the website and develop all the services and the functionalities as per the requirement of the client. Every web site is different from the other and this is the part of the job description of the web developer to make the website unique from all other similar website so that more and more audience come to the web. Usually, in an IT sector or the software houses, there are teams of the web developers and they work together to complete a project but for the web developers who do freelancing there is usually only one or maximum of two people team who is responsible for handling all parts of the website. There are in actually various types of the Adelaide website developers and their responsibilities differ from one another. Some of these are listed below: 

Front end web developers: 

As the name represent the web developers who are front end web developers are the people who implement the front site of the web site which includes the designing of the web pages which means the look and aesthetics of the web site.  

Back end website developer: 

In contrast to the front-end web developer who is just responsible with the looks and the appearances of the website and does not actually implement any functionalities or the services, the back-end web developer is the person who make use of various technologies and languages to develop the functionalities of the website. Without the back end the website is just the static pages with the content. 

Full stack developer: 

These are the developers who are not categorically front end or the back end but they have knowledge of both sides and as well as they have knowledge of the server and how the data is passed and they are also familiar with the user experience and the aesthetics of the website. Usually these people in the team devise the strategies and help out the developers in their task and help improve the website from the bigger perspective. 

 JS web developer: 

JS stands for JavaScript and it is the types of the programming language. This language is a special web language which is written to provide support to various browsers and have different tools which help in the development of the website. A Adelaide video production who is expert in this language has more control over the content he creates and implements on the front side of the website. Although the language is written for both the back end and the front end but most JS developers only develop the front end.