Most of the people constructs their house once in a life time therefore they put their whole effort, money and time in trying to make the best house possible, best in the way that it fulfils all of the requirements of a person and suits the family residing in it. Even though each and every part of a house has its own importance and meaning but kitchen is considered as one of the most important parts of any house. It is said that kitchen is to house what heart is to body. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a house without a kitchen cannot be said as the full house. Moreover, it is not necessary that kitchen has to be designed only once in a life time because we come to know about many shortcomings about the house once we start living in it so we can get it remodelled or repaired by redesigning our kitchen. There are different types of kitchen designs which are going to be discussed in this article.

Kitchen designs:

Are you familiar with the quotation which goes as that happiness is the small house with a big kitchen? This statement is not at all an exaggeration because a big or a complete kitchen runs the whole house smoothly. It will not be wrong to say that kitchen is like a heart of the house. When a kitchen beats (works) then a whole house runs. Are you constructing a new house and looking for some extraordinary designs for your kitchen? Or your existing kitchen is getting weary and rusted from every corner? If so, then it is the high time that you should contact your kitchen designer to help you out of this matter.

Different types of kitchen designs:

Best kitchen designs are considered to be the ones which fulfils the requirements of a family and gives the good impression as well. It is not necessary that a good kitchen has to be huge, it just should be complete. We can see many different kinds of designs around us among which some are going to be discussed here. If your family comprises of lesser number of people and you are living in an apartment which is not that big in size then one side walled kitchen design is the right option for you. It is the kind of kitchen in which whole kitchen including the sink and stove is pushed to the side of a wall. However, if your family is big and you want more space and want people to eat in kitchen then G-shaped kitchen is the right option for you as it is spacious.


Nobody would argue about the fact that kitchen is to house what heart is to mind. It is one of the most important parts of a house which is why it should be constructed in the best way possible there are various different types of kitchen designs. “GIA bathrooms and kitchens” offers the best variety of kitchen designs.