baby photo shoot

Photography is an art which was famous in the past for certain occasions but currently it is an undeniable trend and fashion. The concept behind the inevitable use of photography is to capture moments and cherish those memories in shape of pictures year ago too. However, photography has advanced with every generation with trend being changed and enhanced with recruitments of new set-ups, locations, arrangements and functions in it. The newest and presently the most famous sort of photo session in the West is the pregnancy photography. This type of photo session is mainly conducted in the last trimester of pregnancy and the subject of the photo in particular is the pregnant mother. The main aim of this shoot is to capture the pregnancy moments with grown baby bump. On the other hand, a similar type of photography is now gradually becoming popular which is the baby photoshoot in Melbourne. Normally, it is the picture session of the newborn baby in numerous baby set-ups like fairy, cartoon, prince and princess which some are executed as solo while some along with the parents.

Pregnancy photography

Most common in the developed countries of West, pregnancy photography is the fashion as well as an emotional pictorial session for the pregnant mothers. It is not necessary for every mother to be a part of it but most of the females prefer pregnancy photography in order to secure the moments, feelings and memories of their pregnancy and baby bump.

Pregnancy photography is mostly favored to be conducted in the final trimester as the mother’s body shape as well as the baby bump is the best in condition to be framed in a picture. The best time for pregnancy shoot is between 30 to 33 weeks. Maternity images like these are a reflection to the healthy relationship a couple has developed during their time of pregnancy.

Baby photo shoot

Newborns are delicate and sensitive but the most beautiful one too at the time of birth or right after birth, Many parents have desire to capture all those little moments, little hands and feets along with marvelous background set-up for their babies. Therefore, baby photo shoot idea is quite common with variety of location-base or indoor shoots being conducted with newborns. Baby photo shoot is mostly done when the baby is about 2 to 3 weeks old and this will capture all their sweet moments.

Baby photo shoot or a newborn portraiture is done with quite care and professionalism by the photographer. Babies are allowed to sleep and delicately wrapped to make them comfortable in their one manner. Poses with baby photos is difficult, however, if the baby is about 12 to 16 weeks old such pictures can also be clicked.


Pregnancy photography is a photo session which is done with pregnant females and their baby bumps. Baby photo shoot, on the other hand, is conducted with newly born babies who are nearly 10 weeks old. For more information visit our website: