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21st Birthday Party Ideas

Now that you are hitting that big two and one, and taking in to consideration the fact that you can legally get drunk, and walk in to any bar or club like you own it and wave that ID at the security’s face like THE boss, I guess it is not an exaggeration to say this is a pretty big deal.

Well, aside from the uhm… above mentioned “privileges”, now you legitimately are an adult and yes you literally got the wheel now. But let’s not get in to the gruesome details of the average adulthood where days are spent running to the grocery store, paying bills and rent, taking yourself to doctors’ appointments and maybe starting your own family one day, let’s talk about how to jump in to this blurry pool face forward and importantly, in style. And here are a few top notch theme ideas for your birthday bash.

Disco Night

If the thought of shiny rotating mirror balls and neon lights get you saying “oh yes” then this is for you. Get the space decorated with bright crisp lights, color popping streamers and of course rent out a mirror ball! How will you have a disco ball without well… a disco ball? Get friends to dress up in big, funky, over the top hair and bold outfits. Buy 80’s t shirts online to be sent off as souvenirs.

Game of Thrones: A Jubilee!

Now that we have entire seven seasons of this incredible tele-masterpiece, and now that the character traits of these individuals have seeped in to our very systems and sunken to our bones, this will be a loud and clear call for cosplay loving fanatics both north and south of the wall.

Create invitations accordingly and sign, by saying whatever your character name, so that the invitees know that it is taken. Put your crafty self to work; DIY everything, design ladies’ elaborate dresses with thrift store items or create battered and unique northern men’s fashion with treasures from a men’s t-shirts online.

Superhero Summit

Now this is something everyone will count days for. I mean who wouldn’t like to go out dressed up as Batman and dance the night away? Let your universe be Marvel or DC, even better, let  it be both. We are talking about a crossover here people! Think about the amount of fun and chaotic incidents that will take place this night.

Host fun games and certainly have a “who wore it better” contest. And do not forget to take a ton of pictures for your grandkids!

Different Kinds Of Wall Decor For Your Living Room

If you are exploring different kinds of wall decor for your living room, you will find several options to choose from. For instance, you could opt for modern wall decals that are adhered by nature. Again, if you are artistic you could try your hand at painting the walls. You could even opt for a different kind of wall effects through wall paints. Hangings like tapestries or paintings in frames are other options for decorating the walls in your living room.

Wall art

Today you can get art literally on your walls. There are artists who come over and paint on your walls. You can choose designs that you like and what will complement the overall décor of your rooms. If you have artistic skills you could try such art yourself. However painting a wall is a painstaking and time consuming job. For these reasons you might want to explore simpler options like framed art or tapestry hangings.

Wall paints

Today wall paint solutions come in different forms. You could have textured effects in the wall paints. As a result, you might be able to create a separate wall color or effect on certain walls in the living room. An accent wall with contrasting colors or shades as compared to the other walls of the room will help you create a different look for your living room. You could simply opt for a framed art, accent lighting or tapestry hanging in order to complete the wall décor effect in the room.


There is exquisite woven or hand crafted tapestries that can be perfect for wall decor. If you have traveled to different countries you might want to get back a tapestry hanging that will depict certain tales or would depict popular folk tales or characters. These can be exquisite and unique wall decor items for your living room. These come in different materials. You might opt for silken and woven tapestries or those which are hand painted. It would be best to preserve them by getting them framed. You might want to highlight the works by arranging the wall lighting accordingly.

How to plan the wall decor?

Whether you have decided to paint the walls, get wall art or hangings, create an accent wall or add on wallpapers, you need to plan as per the overall look and feel of the room. If you have a bohemian look you might want to add quirky wall pieces to complete the look. A conservative look would be created by art and photos in frames or tapestry hangings. You could browse through blogs and forums in order to get the right ideas to get started.

How Greeting Card Wholesalers Help One To Build A New Business

When one starts a greeting card business, prospects for growth and success occupy every part of the mind. Just like other businesses, the trader anticipated to grow the business and even outgrow the local boundaries. However, one thing that remains at the centre of this is supplier. The source of the cards is so crucial since it is what determines their design and quality. Therefore, the trader must get the right greeting card wholesalers for faster business growth. This is a demonstration of how the wholesaler comes in to assist a business grow.

When clients go for greeting cards, their minds are very flexible on what they want. Most of them are looking for models and messages that are different from what they got previously. Because of this, one will see clients perusing through different cards and selecting only the models that are unique. Wholesalers are live with this fact and ensure that they look for the best models that clients will always pick at the display. 

The work of a wholesaler is not to simply distribute, but to also liaise with designers in identifying the right models. Therefore, as wholesalers receive feedback from clients, they also do their own surveys to understand what clients want in the cards. Therefore, a trader will be getting regular communication almost on a daily basis indicating that wholesale greeting cards trader has new collections. This is a sure way of simply working with what clients need in the market.

Though people looking forward to buy cards are simply interested in getting what sends the message with great precision, the cost also matters a lot. Wholesalers make sure that the rates are lower so that traders can offer their cards at affordable rates. Whether one want to use cost as a competitive advantage, it will still be possible when the right wholesalers are selected. Remember that quality and design should always come first before the cost.

Many clients who come up with models and even messages want to have their cards fast. Even though there is a chain of ordering and transportation, the client will only be satisfied if the cards are availed within a very short time. Wholesalers understand this very well and will always make sure that personalized models and even common ones are delivered within the shortest time possible. This will make clients to keep coming back for more every time they have a need for cards.

When greeting cards wholesale traders work with retailers, they know that market is highly competitive and all efforts must be targeted at winning as many clients as possible. Therefore, they assist clients with regular price variations so that they can reward loyal clients and attract new ones. When these offers are provided especially during festive seasons such as New Year and onset of summer, the sale will be very high. Some wholesalers will even allow their clients to use their sites for display of what they have to offer so that clients can order more varieties.

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