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Different Kinds Of Wall Decor For Your Living Room

If you are exploring different kinds of wall decor for your living room, you will find several options to choose from. For instance, you could opt for modern wall decals that are adhered by nature. Again, if you are artistic you could try your hand at painting the walls. You could even opt for a different kind of wall effects through wall paints. Hangings like tapestries or paintings in frames are other options for decorating the walls in your living room.

Wall art

Today you can get art literally on your walls. There are artists who come over and paint on your walls. You can choose designs that you like and what will complement the overall décor of your rooms. If you have artistic skills you could try such art yourself. However painting a wall is a painstaking and time consuming job. For these reasons you might want to explore simpler options like framed art or tapestry hangings.

Wall paints

Today wall paint solutions come in different forms. You could have textured effects in the wall paints. As a result, you might be able to create a separate wall color or effect on certain walls in the living room. An accent wall with contrasting colors or shades as compared to the other walls of the room will help you create a different look for your living room. You could simply opt for a framed art, accent lighting or tapestry hanging in order to complete the wall décor effect in the room.


There is exquisite woven or hand crafted tapestries that can be perfect for wall decor. If you have traveled to different countries you might want to get back a tapestry hanging that will depict certain tales or would depict popular folk tales or characters. These can be exquisite and unique wall decor items for your living room. These come in different materials. You might opt for silken and woven tapestries or those which are hand painted. It would be best to preserve them by getting them framed. You might want to highlight the works by arranging the wall lighting accordingly.

How to plan the wall decor?

Whether you have decided to paint the walls, get wall art or hangings, create an accent wall or add on wallpapers, you need to plan as per the overall look and feel of the room. If you have a bohemian look you might want to add quirky wall pieces to complete the look. A conservative look would be created by art and photos in frames or tapestry hangings. You could browse through blogs and forums in order to get the right ideas to get started.

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